Hanabi Con 2015
What: A gathering to play and discuss Hanabi
When: Saturday, May 2, 2015, 10 AM - Midnight
Where: Satterfield's, Cumming, GA
Who: 9 of the finest Hanabi players around

Hanabi Con is an invitation-only gathering of Hanabi lovers. In this inaugural event, we hope to have 9 attendees. There are just a lot of great ways to split nine players when playing Hanabi, yet it's still an easy to manage number.

We're also going to have some presentations / discussions on various aspects of Hanabi. If you've got an idea for a topic, please let us hear about it. If you want to lead the presentation for anything you see currently on the schedule, let us know. The schedule below is tentative.

Attendance is free, though you will be expected to pay for your share of meals. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks.



10:00 Arrive, Lunch Orders, Quick Recap of Basic Techniques
10:15 Free play Hanabi Play as much Hanabi as you can in any form you want
Noon Lunch
12:30 Free Play Hanabi
2:00 Presentations/Discussion
In Search of a Pure 25 - Clue Etiquette A brief discussion of cluing methodology and how to best keep games free of “meta” clues
Convention vs. Logic A discussion of what separates the oft-criticised “tricks” from strong logical play
2:30 Power Grid Tournament Just Kidding, It’s more Hanabi!
4:30 Presentations/Discussions
Advance Techniques Discussion/Debate Everyone come ready to talk about your favorite advanced technique… or two or more, since someone will likely bring up the finesse before your turn. We’ll talk about merits and discuss new ideas
5:00 Sixth Suit Til the Sixth Hour - Get Over the Hanabi Rainbow (All games to be played with the sixth suit)
6:30 Dinner
7:00 Duplicate Hanabi Several sessions of parallel 4-player games with decks set to match by a rotating ninth player
8:30 Presentations/Discussions
The Convention Part of the Convention Here we’ll discuss some of the conventions we use most often, and compare them to alternate conventions we have encountered. Which are good, bad, and just plain ugly?
9:00 Wrap-Up Discussion Session
10:00 Everybody Hanabi! play more Hanabi